Barb Kobe


Mentoring Philosophy

I believe that one cannot separate a woman’s engagement with her art from her relationships in her life. A woman artist will have personal daily struggles, challenges and, celebrations all that pull at her as she gathers her creative energies to be an woman artist.

As a mentor my primary tasks is to create a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual place of safety for my protégée to take creative risks, ask questions of me, the community or herself, as she learns and grows as a woman and an artist. I believe that we all have dreams, wishes and visions for our art and that it is my job to invite dialog that encourages the protégée to connect with these visions and play with her chosen materials and media, themes and subject matter. Ultimately I hope that the protégée will learn to see me as one of her allies, trust her creative process and in doing so invite inspiration and intuition as an important partner on her journey. I have experience in designing and producing websites, brochures, business cards flyers; moving around social media, self publishing books, setting up a business, creating gallery shows and experience using a variety of art mediums.

These are some of the ground rules I use in my classes:

– All beliefs are honored Honor your creativity by nurturing yourself – ask for what you need.

– Allow yourself to take creative risks Allow yourself and your art to be a work in process.

– Trust any time of struggle is necessary to precede Be willing to play with your imagination

– Invite yourself to stand back and question your beliefs

– Trust Your Intuition

Artist Statement

My art making is a personal exploration into deeper parts of my creative self. I am challenged, stretched and rewarded when I search through my personal experiences, move through a process, and producing an image that represents what I am feeling. My art has taught me about my body, mind, feelings and spirit. My dolls allow me to affirm my life and my growth, the joy and the pain, and let go of what I’m ready to release and move toward transformation and healing.

I am inspired by many cultures’ spiritual and healing symbols; they add meaning to my dolls. My inspiration also comes from books, my art journals, nature, and my own healing process. I also enjoy designing – playing with possibilities, allowing my imagination to flow free and surprising myself with a doll that makes me laugh. I often use sticks, roots, and materials from nature, clay, fibers and painted fabric. I often take photos of my dolls and incorporate them into my art journals in order to deepen my experience with their message.

The threads that weave through my work are women’s issues and empowerment, spirituality and healing. I am passionate about the subject of art and healing. I began dollmaking using roots and sticks and I am coming full circle in using them again. I am challenging and pushing myself beyond what I’ve created up to now. It is important that my dolls are meaningful, symbolic and have a connection to spirituality.  I want to explore developing an even deeper relationship with my art and in doing so connect with a deeper part of myself.

For me, the act of making a doll, a collage or art journal takes me on a journey of discovery through a deep creative process that can bring unknown parts of self to conscious awareness, creating change, personal growth and healing.


"Finding Herself through the Divine Feminine"

"Four Crow Intervention"

"I Will Not Die an Unlived Life"

"Growing Toward the Light"

"Patty's Blessing"