One way to advance the mission of WARM is to volunteer. We have several committees which could use your help and expertise (see committee descriptions below).  Or if you would to work on a short-term project basis, we have options for you to choose from.  If interested contact Tara Tieso, WARM Board President, at president@thewarm.org.

WARM Leadership and Committees

WARM Leadership

Executive Committee. Comprised of these board directors: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

President. Responsible for board and executive committee oversight. Works in partnership with board members and staff to ensure organization’s mission is carried out. Calls special meetings, if necessary. Appoints all committee chairs and makes recommendations on who will serve on committees. Assists chief executive in preparing agenda for board meetings. Assists business manager in conducting new board member orientation. Oversees searches for a new chief executive. Coordinates chief executive’s annual performance evaluation. Works with the board directors to recruit new board members. Acts as a spokesperson for the organization. Periodically consults with board members on their roles and helps them assess their performance.

Vice-President. Serves on the executive committee. Carries out special assignments as requested by the board president. Understands the responsibilities of the board president and performs these duties in the president’s absence. Participates as a vital part of the board leadership.

Secretary. Serves on the executive committee. Ensures the safety and accuracy of all board records. Records and distributes board meeting minutes. Assumes responsibility of the president in the absence of the board president and vice-president. Provides notice of meetings of the board.

Treasurer. Responsible for fiscal oversight and financial management. Serves as the chair of the finance committee. Manages, with the finance committee, the board’s review of and action related to the board’s financial responsibilities. Works with the board president and business manager to ensure that appropriate financials reports are made available to the board on a timely basis. Oversees the development of and adherence to financial policies, by following financial best practices. Presents the annual budget to the board for approval. Reviews the annual audit and presents the board with an audit review report.  Skills needed: Knowledge of accounting procedures, nonprofit tax regulations, budgeting, and financial reporting.

WARM Committees

Finance Committee. Responsible for fiscal oversight and management. Prepares the organization’s annual budget for board review and approval; monitors budgetary compliance on a quarterly basis and reports findings to the Board of Directors; develops appropriate procedures for budget preparation to ensure consistency between the budget and the organization’s goals. Skills needed: Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Excel; knowledge of accounting procedures, nonprofit tax regulations, budgeting, and financial reporting.

Exhibitions Committee. Responsible for the planning and installation of WARM exhibitions (excluding the Mentor Program exhibition). Researches potential exhibition sites; writes requests for proposals (RFP); visits venue and works with venue staff to ensure details of installation, exhibition, and deinstallation are handled in a responsive manner and with a positive attitude; reviews and signs venue and juror(s) contracts (with prior board approval); creates and publishes call for art; accepts entries and answers artists inquiries; plans exhibition reception, artist talks, and panel discussions connected with the exhibition; submits entries to juror(s), as necessary; markets the exhibition, including creating and sending press releases, updating the WARM website, Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and mnartists.org.; respond to media inquiries for interviews; accepts artwork at venue, ensuring work meets installation guidelines; designs and orders exhibition postcards; distributes exhibition postcards to artists and other interested parties; requests mailing labels and postage from WARM business manager to mail postcards to WARM members; and installs and deinstalls artwork at venue. Skills needed: Ability to respond to customer inquiries (i.e., WARM artist members, galleries, jurors, etc.) in a timely manner; attention to detail; ability to handle multiple types of tasks simultaneously (i.e., may need to respond to artist inquiries while working on exhibition publicity); ability to meet the physical requirements of exhibition installation (i.e., standing on a ladder, stretching, and lifting artwork for hanging); math skills (i.e., ability to do simple math calculations to hang artwork); marketing and communication skills (to write text for press releases, newsletter and website content, and calls for art); and knowledge of news and arts outlets to publicize exhibition.

Communications/Marketing Committee. Responsible for developing and implementing a marketing plan; ensures effective communications with internal and external audiences; compiles, creates, and distributes the WARM e-newsletter (using MailChimp), WARM member-specific emails (using Wild Apricot), and other WARM email communications, as needed; provides oversight of the WARM website and creates content for non-committee-specific webpages (i.e., home page, about WARM, etc.); maintains MailChimp subscriber list; exports subscriber data, when requested; and oversees and writes (posts) social media content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Skills needed: Excellent written communication skills; basic knowledge of the AP Stylebook; proficient knowledge of MailChimp email marketing software and Wild Apricot membership management software; familiarity with fonts, formats, design templates, and websafe colors; familiarity with cropping, formatting, and compressing images; understanding of how to create eye-pleasing and informative communication materials; proficient knowledge of social media tools and protocols; and familiarity with Hoot Suite social media management system.

Fundraising Committee. Responsible for the development of long-term financial stability of the organization through fundraising, grants, and corporate contributions; spearheads efforts to involve the Board of Directors participation in organization’s long-term financial stability and sustainability; researches, solicits, and secures contributions through individuals, corporate sponsors, and grant writing; and cultivates relationships with sponsors, contributors, in-kind sponsors, other community organizations. Skills Needed: Personable (able to talk with people of diverse backgrounds in a respectful and open manner); experience in working with database management, including Microsoft Excel and group email contact management, such as Gmail groups or Microsoft Outlook; proven effectiveness and success in raising funds, strategic planning, implementation, and completion of large-scale projects; project management skills, including creating timelines and setting benchmarks standards for successful outcomes.

Membership Committee. Responsible for determining and responding to WARM members’ needs while ensuring financially successful goals are met; designs membership levels and benefit packages for WARM membership (presents to Board of Directors for approval); establishes and implements goals for membership recruitment and retention plan; contacts all new members by phone or letter to welcome them and invite them to attend WARM events or participate on a WARM committee; contacts prospective members telling them the benefits of WARM membership; ensures that members benefits are listed on all print and online media; actively seeks to enhance member benefits; contacts lapsed members prior to membership expiration to encourage them to renew; greets and introduces new and prospective members at WARM events and meetings; and develops and reviews member satisfaction surveys, and presents recommended changes to the Board of Directors for their review and approval. Skills needed: Excellent interpersonal communication skills; project management skills; writing and editing skills; demonstrated success in motivating, managing, and leading professional teams; and ability to engage new members in one-on-one or in-group settings.

Strategic Planning Committee. Responsible for developing and recommending the overall strategic direction for WARM. Monitors progress and reviews results as basis for setting new strategies; recommends actions to the Board of Directors consistent with the Strategic Plan; examines future opportunities and develops strategies for their leverage and execution for consideration by the Board; establishes a limited number of strategic priorities that signal important targets or areas to focus on. Skills needed: Excellent interpersonal, presentation, verbal and written communication skills; knowledge of nonprofit management and governance; ability to collaborate with Board members, committees, and external partners; ability to establish and manage priorities and meet deadlines; and working knowledge of philanthropic trends affecting the nonprofit and arts communities.

Program Committee. Responsible for designing and executing event planning (other than exhibitions); coordinates, plans, and stages events for WARM members; solicits and secures event speakers and venues; markets events, including creating and sending press releases (if necessary), updating the WARM website, Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts; acts as WARM representative and point-person before and during event. Skills needed: Knowledge of local arts community venues and events; attention to detail; ability to schedule venues, speakers, and other needs and follow-up to ensure successful event for presenter(s) and WARM members; completes details of contracts with venues and/or speaker(s); and familiarity with fonts, formats, and websafe colors; understanding of how to create eye-pleasing and informative communication materials; proficient knowledge of social media tools and protocols; and familiarity with Hoot Suite social media management system.