Mentor Intensive Program


The WARM Mentor Intensive Program is a goal- or project-based program open to all artists seeking a one-on-one mentorship for a period lasting three to six months. A minimum of two 2-hour-long mentor meetings per month of participation is required. The mentorship will focus on assisting an artist to achieve a specific goal or project within a prearranged time frame. Goals may include career development concerns, such as composing an artist’s statement, completing a grant application, or record keeping for the studio artist. Technical development goals may include preparing work for an exhibition, critical feedback, or technical guidance on a specific artistic technique or skill.
Artist applicants will be required to pay a onetime nonrefundable $90 administration fee, payable to WARM, when submitting their application. The WARM Mentor Intensive Program fee is $45 per hour spent with the mentor, payable monthly to WARM. Applicants should also be a WARM member. Please see the membership tab for information on joining WARM.
Artists interested in participating in the WARM Mentor Intensive Program will be required to fill out an application form outlining:
• Why the artist needs a mentor’s assistance to achieve a specific goal or project
• What days and hours they are available to meet with a mentor
• A work plan based on their goal or project needs
• A proposed time line, within the three to six-month period, in which they will achieve their proposed goal.
After the application is approved and unless a specific mentor is requested, the artist will be given the name of a mentor to contact. The mentor and protégeé will complete a contract that will outline the mentorship goal or project, meeting schedule, and payment structure. Upon completion of the  Mentor Intensive Project, both mentor and protégeé will be required to complete a feedback summary.
Contact Karen Searle at , or  Tina Nemetz  for further information

Mentor Intensive Mentors

• Michele Combs

• Kat Corrigan

Deborah Foutch

• Ellie Kingsbury

Barbara Kobe

Brenda Litman

Layl McDill

• Claudia Poser

Marcie Soderman

Jantje Visscher

Rochelle Woldorsky

To Apply

Download Application Form here: *MENTOR INTENSIVE App15

Mentor Intensive Payments

Accepted participants, please pay Administration fee and Mentor payments here.

Rochelle Woldorsky

Rochelle Woldorsky "Boarded House"

Marcie Soderman-Olson

Marcie Soderman-Olson "Iguazu Falls: Fire-Water"