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Current WARM members are invited to become a part of WARM's Online Registry. To become a member please visit our Membership page. Members please e-mail your name, a three sentence description of your work, ONE JPG image (maximum length or width of 150 pixels and a resolution of 72dpi) your website address (URL) if you have one and contact information that you would like to be included on the registry page to registry@thewarm.org. WARM appreciates a reciprocal link to our website for those of you who have a website. Please e-mail registry@thewarm.org for assistance.

Cheryl Anderson

Cheryl Anderson I work with many media and always like to experiment with new materials; but most of my work is in mosaic and pastel. I have recently been using photos from the Hubble Deep Space Telescope for my creative inspiration. See more of my work at www.mnartists.org

Judy Anderson

Judy Anderson Judy Anderson is an Assemblage artist from Star Prairie, WI. She enjoys working with small, discarded mechanical, electrical plastic and metal parts re-purposing them intoher pieces. She often will sand, paint, cover, age, or otherwise alter them to achieve the effect she is after. Judy likes to invite the viewer to think, to discover and to enjoy!

Cheryl Walsh Bellville

Cheryl Walsh Bellville To quote another artist, "In a bold move backward, I embraced the camera obscura", as well as the plastic cameras of the 1950's and the pinhole. Decades of correctness, and crispfocus in commercial work, and the even more precise digital images of the moment propelled me in another directiontoward thevague pictorialist photographs of a hundred years ago. Accidents are welcomed, details are disregarded or lost in the shadows and soft edges of the frame. Visit my website at http://www.cwbphotography.com/.

Loretta Bebeau

Loretta Bebeau My work is highly textured, usually composed of parts that create a whole. I use variations of the six-inch quilt square, up to the 36" format. Commissions provide challenges to keep me growing. Contact me at Labebeau@msn.com .

Savita Bettaglio

Savita Bettaglio

My current work is a visceral exploration of energy. I am intrigued by the possibilities of the human experience. I strive for literal and emotional depth through my technique of layered movement and use of bright colors. I am inspired by Latin art as well as the magic of tribal symbols.

My paintings are born during meditation and when a particular shape or color appears I paint with those shapes and colors and soon the creative process forms my work.

Art making is an evolving practice of faith and staying present in the moment. I see painting as a journey in turning the eye inward. My paintings are abstract and yet very personal narrations that have grown out of my desire to discover, deepen, and enliven. My hope is that my work will welcome you into the elements of Self.
Visit my site at www.espiralart.com.

Donna Bruni

Donna Bruni Using original landscape or memory of place as context, and the human form as subject, my paintings explore the unity of opposites. The images are constructed by layering marks made with oilbar sticks into wet painted surfaces, placing emphasis on the dialogue created by this interplay of materials. Color and form articulate movement, balance, and presence of imagery collected from life passages and world events. Visit www.qarmabuilding.com for gallery and contact information.

Brenna Busse

Brenna Busse mud/sticks/rags I celebrate these raw and humble materials in creating mixed media figures. My intention is to communicate and inspire. Using materials as metaphor: I share my honoring of the beauty of nature, faith in possibility and the sacred quality of everyday life. Artmaking is really fun, too!!! Visit my web site at www.mnartists.org.

Francene Christianson

Donna Bruni I base most of my images on my black and white photographs and focus on the light and color as I remember it or as I imagine it could be. I like to place my paintings in early morning or late afternoon light so I can use bold colors and long shadows to capture nature's perfect design. I am intrigued with the "passing view" and capturing a moment in time whether the image is a landscape, still life, or portrait. Visit my website at: http://mnartists.org/Francene_Christianson.

Mandy Chowen

Mandy Chowen I combine architectural and organic forms with often recognizable images in a high-key palette. I teach high school science and am continually reminded of the human impact on all life forms. In my work, I am currently exploring that influence of our human-made environment and looking to our future for better or worse. Visit my website at: www.mnartists.org/.

Connie Cohen

Connie Cohen I'm intrigued with symbols as they inspire me to create; weaving ideas, thoughts and visions that spark inner exploration. My creative process is a quest for understanding and a journey of discovery. The process of making mosaics is slow and meditative, allowing space for the story within and around the symbols to unfold and emerge within the piece. I'm amazed by the magic in the process and I create to be apart of that magic. Visit my website at www.spizzimosaics.com.

Gloria Cooper

My work is two dimensional paintings and collages for the most part. I also incorporate calligraphy in my art which I have been doing for over 25 years. Abstraction and nature are focal points along with my love of Hebrew letters and Judaic symbols. Visit my website at www.gloriacooperart.com

Betsy Dollar

Betsy Dollar Each of my works is a personal, emotional portrait that captures a fragment of time and feeling, impressions and dreams. Each fragment offers me an opportunity for exploration and visual documentation, but the process entails risk. The risk of telling, of making the piece accurate to the experience, and of making it visual. Please visit my site at www.betsydollar.com

Patricia Dunn Walker

Patricia Dunn Walker My work is driven by a love of paint and texture. The textural variety of the ordinary and recycled objects gives each piece a more tactile, human feel. I work toward making each picture an organic whole. The face or colored shape becomes secondary to the new life the picture has taken on. See more of my work at www.mnartists.org.

Kit Eastman

Kit Eastman I work with natural motifs, exploring the play of repeated imagery and multiple layers in a single piece and/or among several pieces. I paint, stencil, screen-print, and monoprint to develop my images on natural fibers through repeated cycles of dyeing, blocking out, removing and adding color. My process reveals a layered history in the work that I find evocative. You can see more of my work at www.mnartists.org

Jaentra Green Gardener

Jaentra Green Gardener I design my windows with all kinds of light in mind and I desire onlookers to see the work transform in different lights. Bright light throws rainbows around the room, twilight lights allows you to see things that you never saw before, as well as the colors. Darkness focuses you onto the bold energy glass shapes that grace the window. Visit my web site at www.healinghandsnetwork.org .

Laurel Gregorian

Laurel Gregorian Laurel paints a variety of subjects in acrylic or oil. Attached is "Flood, Stressa, Italy" in oil which won a prize at the Artists of Minn. spring show. See more images at her website:

Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger

Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger I paint the heavens because I see the Universe as a reflection of life or as a characterization of all living beings. The nebula series were inspired by photographs taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. The very concept that I am trying to depict an object that is millions to billions of light years away (ago) is a fantastic challenge. I create my own color patterns and it is often that I see a figure in the photo and when I do, I attempt to capture the humanity of it. Visit my website:

Lindsy Halleckson

Lindsy Hallecksonr Halleckson graduated from St. Olaf College in 2002 with degrees in studio art and art history. Her abstract acrylic and oil paintings embrace the connections of art and science and aim to portray music through color. Images and information available on www.DangerPro.com.

Carolyn Halliday

Laurel Gregorian I am a textile artist who hand knits wire and other nontraditional materials into sculptural and quilt forms that often reference body, skin, and garments. I'm entranced by the exquisite beauty of a piece of bark, a stick, or a rock. These simple elements of nature, and other objects of my existence: M&M's, a scrap of metal, become the seeds of a work and dictate my path. I intend to reference and challenge the historic ideals of body, magnify nature, and participate in the legacy of handwork that has perpetuated culture. Visit my site at mnartists.org.

Eleanor Hand

Eleanor Hand Eleanor Hand, photographer and web designer, focuses on plants as they are just beginning their growth in spring or their skeletons left behind once they have bloomed and died.
Visit Eleanor's site at www.eleanorhand.com.

Barbara Harman

Barbara Harman I work in series over a number of years, focusing my work on a single theme, explored through the natural environment of a specific place. The art I create during that time establishes a bridge between an actual place and events in my life and in the world. A series encompasses writing, site notes and sketches, photographs, prints, paintings on paper and fabric, embroidery, and artist books. Visit my web site at barbaraharman.com.

Mimi Holmes

Mimi Holmes
Mimi Holmes paints with thread and fabric. Her work is included in the Minnesota Artists Online Directory. image: Silhouette, 2008, 18.25 x 14.25". See more Mimi Art at mnartist.org.

Nancy Kahlow-Curtis

Nancy Kahlow-Curtis I paint my personal mythology. I use my visions and my dreams. There is a mystery inside each of us, a world of myth that I believe we all share. The fact that myths cross cultures and continents and span over thousands of years is a testament to our connected inner visions. I paint the language of our dreams.

Beth Karon

Beth Karon My ink drawings emerge out of unfocussed creating, a stream of unconsciousness. These drawings, though new in their current presentation, are not new: they are informed by decades of practicing a less deliberate form of mark-making, i.e. doodles, on any paper and with any marking utensil in whatever setting my hands would find themselves idle. It is only since the fall of 2006, after much encouragement from other artists, that I have started creating these drawings with the intent to show them publicly. Visit my web site at www.bethkaron.com.

Wanda Kern

Wanda Kern
I sculpt the essence of the human form and its emotions. I emphasize lines, contours and connecting shapes through earth tones and smooth textures. My handbuilt sculptures are hollow and unglazed. The sculptures vary in size from 4-60 inches in height and are made of low and mid-fire clay bodies, which are fired in electric or wood fired kilns. Please visit www.mnartists.org to see more of Wanda's work.

Karen Klein

Karen Klein
I am a photographer/visual artist. In my photomontages, as in life, there are many perspectives, layers, truths and realities. I manipulate numerous photographic images to create a visual environment, using space, perspective and tonality to move the viewer through the final piece. I want the viewer to experience a memory, a moment of their knowing. Please visit www.karenklein.com to see more of my work.

Mary Klein

Karen Klein
Mary Klein paintsstill lifes in oils. Her work is included in the Minnesota Artists Online Directory. image: Kleenex Ghost, 30 x 24 inches, oil on canvas, 2007 Please visit www.mnartists.org to see more of Mary's work.

Connie Kroskin

Connie Kroskin I love to draw from nature and find the movement and energy in it, adding intensity to the color and synergy to the composition. I strive to present a more beautiful view of nature that is not readily seen. I see art and creativity as something that needs to get out and be expressed. Please conatact me at conniemkroskin@gmail.com .

Lee Langer

Lee Langer I think of the work as being formed by nature; fluid and simple. The human form predominates. I work primarily in limestone. Contact me at leelanger@msn.com .

Barbara Lee Cecka

Lee Langer This image is the first of my "rise" series. I love the audacity of the hopeful that strive to rise from there oppression. To take part in destroying ones hopes and dreams is a bitter crime beyond understanding. You can find me at www.mnartists.org.

Maria Elisa Lux

Maria Elisa Lux Being from South America, I am constantly challenged by the differences between Minnesota and Colombia. I am inspired by these differences and through my work I explore my place in this culture, and the contrast in values, religion and nature. Making mosaics is a healing, meditative exercise, and my pieces are born from memories, wishes, and a need to put unrelated pieces toghether.

Layl McDill

Layl McDill
Layl McDill uses the millefiore process of stacking colors together to form a cane of color that can be sliced to reveal a tiny design or picture. She uses these tiny slices to construct larger sculptures of whimsical women and animals combined with magical stories. Her work can be viewed at numerous arts festivals around the region and at Clay Squared to Infinity in the NE Arts District.www.claysquared.com

Silvana Lacreta Ravena

Silvana Lacreta Ravena
I'm a Brazilian artist, art and art history teacher, psychotherapist and Art Therapist. My current work in wax and encausticreflects on the connections between aerial photographs and abstract painting. For me art is a meditation on life and can be used as a language to analyse the world.

Jean Leuthner

Jean Leuthner
What is it that makes us unique? I believe it is that each of us is alone in what we see. In my paintings I try to capture moments that we yearn for, a lost time and place that is distinct, solitary and contemplative. Visit my website at http://www.jeanleuthner.com/.

Kari Maxwell

Kari Maxwell
l have focussed on the cow as the subject of my oil and acrylic paintings for over 3 years. My paintings reflect the merge I experience between my personal process and my relationship with each cow. I believe every person would benefit from having a cow in their life (or a representation of her). visit my website at http://homepage.mac.com/karimaxwell.

Nora Lee McGillivray

Nora Lee McGillivray Nora Lee McGillivray is a book artist and printmaker. Ladder and Universe, both rich in idea and image, are continuing sources of delight and contemplation. McGillivray is included in the Minnesota Artists Online directory.

Linda Mix Yates

Linda Mix Yates I am an artist inspired by the dish. My media is mosaic in the tradition of picassiette-mosaic with broken dishes. My process begins with each dish I find, I see possibilities and life in each. Through my work I celebrate life-the life of the dish, life lived around the dish, and the new life after brokenness. I seek to capture the stories of life by evoking a sense of time, place and emotion, as inspired by the dish. Visit my web site at www.lindamixyates.com.

Jodi Reeb-Meyers

Jodi Reeb-Meyers Through abstracted soft grids, I try to depict my understanding of how the whole is reflected in the structure of the part. An example of this is how leaves are a map for trees. I layer paint and texture to describe the process of nature. This process of change and transformation is supported by integrating many different media such as acrylic paint, collage and printmaking. Visit my website at www.jodireebmyers.com.

Alis Olsen

Alis Olsen I am a sculptor who works with natural materials to create work that explores our relationship with nature. Combining found materials with manufactured objects, I remind viewers about the need to care for our natural resources , and connect them with the beauty of the earth. I make art both in the studio and with outdoor installations, often using humor and irony to convey my messages. Visit my web site at www.alisolsen.com.

Claudia Poser

Claudia Poser My wall sculptures evolve from a glimpsed shape, a scrap of clay or a half-remembered dream. I'm motivated by those moments of fusion with the clay when time and judgment drop away and there is only touch and shape, texture, light, shadow, and the beguiling chocolate texture of wet terra cotta. The sensuous nature of the medium frees me to explore the emotional terrain of transformation. Please visit my web site at www.mnartists.org.

Teri Power

Teri Power As a culmination of a recent exploration of self, this work is one in a series of pieces that celebrates the artifacts and memories left behind by people in my life who have shaped who I am. I was curious about why I saved and what I saved both literally and metaphorically. With technology as a tool, I combined drawings, textures and photos. Using printing techniques, I built up layers of images, reflecting the layers of experience and memory.

Maya Rose

Maya Rose I am currently an artdoll artist and my figures are inspired by a desire to bring joy and color into form. I love the combinations of sculpting (utilizing my previous experience in clay), fabric painting, needle felting and hand sewing to create these whimsical dolls. I hope people enjoy them as much as I enjoy the process of creating them. You can see more of my work at www.mnartists.org/Maya_Rose.

Alexandra Rozenman

Alexandra Rozenman It is at the coffee table or at the flea markets, in the unusual and coincidental connections of everyday life, the most personal signs for my work are to be found. images come to my work through the moment of still time when I share myself with others. I transform the entire site of my art into a story told in painted space. Visit my website at www.alexandrarozenman.com.

Laurie Salmela

Laurie Salmela I work both figuratively and abstractly, drawing my imagery from my "home ground" in the woods of Wisconsin, the jungles of my favorite winter retreat in the Yucatan, and my own back yard in Minneapolis, but I draw my inspiration from the nature of the painting process itself. For that reason, I work predominantly in water-soluble transparent media, which is more amendable to happy accident and discovery, making every painting an adventure. Visit my web site at www.lauriesalmelaarts.com.

Maria Santiago

Maria Santiago Import/Export Series
El Toro, Intaglio, hand coloration, silk fabric collage over stretched canvas. approx.:9"x12"

This print series focuses on my appropriation (import) of cultural fragments that I juxtapose/laminate together via mixed printmaking techniques into aesthetic objects (my art, my export). This mirrors the creative and sincere efforts we all make to construct our personal mythologies and identities.

I have drawn from images and artifacts that I have collected such as, pieces of old silk, an imported olive oil can, or a tambourine. These items referenced in my work still vibrate with metaphorical and iconic value for me for now, even if ultimately it all amounts to a lovely fiction of who I really am.

Karen Searle

Karen Searle Karen Searle is a fiber artist whose work explores the female form. Visit Karen's web site at karensearle.com

Lynn Speaker

Lynn Speaker I have developed a process of image making that utilizes gunpowder as a medium. The images are a record of an active event, capturing the residual effects released by the burning object. It is a transformative process that explores the alchemic element of fire. Visit my website at http://mnartists.org/Lynn_Speaker.

Anne Spooner

Anne Spooner Anne Spooner has been a youth art Instructor at Edina Art Center for 10 years. She is currently an Instructor for Art Academy, a program for focused young artists. Children have a natural tendency to include animal imagery in their art; Anne's recent work shows this influence. She is currently exploring simplified bird forms in various media. Anne's artwork is in private collections and she has exhibited locally and nationally. She is a graduate from the College of St. Catherine, St. Paul Minnesota.www.mnartists.org.

Vanesa Littlecrow Wojtanowicz

Vanesa Littlecrow Wojtanowicz I am an artist's model, and a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on cartooning. Constraining myself into a single media is not compatible with my creative curiosity. My work is typically semi-autobiographical and it touches upon current events and historical ideas that are of personal concern to me. Visit my web site at www.vaslittlecrow.com.

Karen Wilcox

Karen Wilcox Telling of life experiences, imagined lives, and ancient memory, Wilcox's mythological creatures become manifest in oil media painting and cast bronze sculpture. Her work has shown in solo and group exhibits in the Midwestern United States and in New York. www.karenwilcox-studio.com

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