Mimi Holmes

Mimi Holmes, Cassat-Frida Mimi Holmes, Vagina Dentata
Mimi Holmes, Cassat-Frida
Mimi Holmes, Kitties Mimi Holmes, NY Beauty 2

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I see myself as an art missionary who is out there converting folks of all persuasions that art can be an important part of their lives: that their enjoyment and participation needn't be suspect.

I realized my true calling as an art missionary while working as an Artist-in-Education in the wilds of northwest Alabama in the mid 1980s. What I thought would be a one-year stint after finishing my MFA at Florida State in Tallahassee, Florida, expanded into four years of personal growth and development as an artist before I got that longed for teaching job at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa.

Of course, the college teaching job wasn't everything I hoped for either, because my life lacked romance. After four years I moved to Minneapolis to be with a dancing scientist who I'd met at a weekend dance camp two years before. AND, I left to devote more time to my art. I'd learned that full-time teaching left me little time to pursue my art. I wanted to see where I could take my art before teaching took me over completely. This is where I am in my journey now. I do my art and free-lance as a teacher and lecturer, and work a part-time job that gives my life structure when those classes fall through. Life still isn't perfect; I just keep adjusting my goals and keep making art.

Artistically, I have numerous bodies of work. I tend to work from a concept and then try to figure out the best material to execute that idea in. After time, and with several different bodies of work going, I find that works do tend to fall into one of my "categories". But I have left off some mediums and started others.

My recent work incorporates glitter, colored sand, and other materials to create 2-dimensional portraits. I've done sculptural beaded fetishes and beaded wall quilts, worked in papier mache, done assemblage in found objects and in wood, worked in tar, in gut, etc. And for ten years I drew a daily self-portrait, that crossed over to a daily doll in 1997-8. I've also been involved in the International Mail Art Network for over 10 years. And I have a series of over 70 kitschy Household Fertility Gods/ Goddesses that I make and give as special gifts to friends when there is something to celebrate in their lives. I am nothing if not eclectic!

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