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Mary Bergs is a visual artist who lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. Bergs works in 2D and 3D media, she uses materials from nature and culture to create work that cultivates careful examination and momentary awareness. Bergs completed her BFA degree in 1999 at the University of Minnesota. She also has degrees in psychology and social work. Bergs has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions throughout the Midwest. She has been the recipient of a MN State Arts Board Career Opportunity Grant and Jerome Foundation Travel Study Grant. Bergs has taught in a variety of educational settings and worked with community groups. She was a fellow in the Institute for Cultural Community Development, and participant in the Twin Cities Community Cultural Leadership Summit. She is Art and Design Consultant at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

Mary Bergs orchestrates the viewing of her work through an ordered combination of contrasts. Bergs' formal approach employs the basic elements of art; line, form, color, color, texture and arrangement to prompt comparisons of the objects she presents. Bergs builds a dialogue of shape, color, number and function to engage the viewer in a conversation of things. Her presentation of the unexpected nurtures a sense of reverence, awareness, and an appreciation of the beauty found in the ordinary.

Excerpt from Identity and Vision, Rolling Plains Art Gallery 2005-06 exhibition catalog.
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