Gita Kar

Artist Statement

Gita describes herself as a meditative artist and keeper of oral tradition. She grew up in India and entered into a protégée/mentor relationship as a young woman. When she went through the WARM program as a protégée, she was mentored by Krista Walsh.

Being mentored in both India and in the WARM program has given her a unique bicultural experience that has informed her way of mentoring today.

Gita is skilled as an art educator, facilitator, art maker, art historian specializing in the history of traditional Indian art and yoga instructor.

She considers art to be a way of life and approaches mentoring with that in mind. She invites her protégées into her life and is willing to share her knowledge of art and her bicultural experience.

She would like potential protégées to know that she will be there to assist in the discovery process by advising and critiquing. Gita believes that critiques should guide and give direction, never damage. She wants her protégées to enjoy the process without feeling rushed to achieve an end result.

Her philosophy is to take the work seriously," not ourselves". She promises her protégées that they will find humor together in the process of making serious work.

Gita encourages artists of any medium to consider working with her if they relate to her philosophy. She has mentored painters and photographers in the past.

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