Britta Hallin

Britta Hallin, Grapefruit
Britta Hallin, Grapefruit

Artist Statement

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I am an interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture, video, installation, performance, and somatics. I received a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1999, and a Certification in Global Somatics in 2005. I work with Somatics (the study of the body from first person perception) as a source of conscious research within my creative process.

I experience art making as a form of meditative digestion; The unity of my body and artistic mediums/medias creates a digestive system through which my lived experiences are processed, transformed, and excreted. The integration of the practice of somatic mindfulness with this digestive process is fundamental to the quality of my work. My art reflects the way I live within and experience my body, how I process thoughts, and how I mediate between internal and external worlds through being and action.

I work intuitively with common materials accumulated by daily living, nature, technology, and my physical body. Each medium/media has an inherent language that contributes to the aesthetic conversation. My interdisciplinary approach to creative process is determined by the balance of my questions and desires with my physical needs and practical life circumstances.

I believe that creativity is innate within our humanity, and that it exists as a unique pattern of thought within us, just as our fingerprints reveal the uniqueness of our skin. The process of discovering, navigating through, and expressing these creative thought patterns is a freedom that belongs to all of us. The individual and social maintenance of conscious creativity is vital to the health and life of ourselves, cultures, world, and universe. As an artist, I contribute to the continued existence of creative freedom within contemporary life.

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