Brenna Busse

Brenna Busse Brenna Busse
Brenna Busse
Brenna Busse Brenna Busse

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thoughts on my process and intention...


I celebrate these raw and humble materials in creating mixed media figures. In my process, materials are the guide and source of inspiration. Mixing the media is about letting materials speak, to express their unique aspects. The challenge is bringing them together to form a whole, yet allowing each materials to keep its integrity.


It is with this sensual. pliable and forgiving material ---the mythical stuff of our making --- that I begin my process. Head, hands feet formed and then transformed through fire.


Since I began making figures 18 years ago, I have always included some aspect of tree. Attached to the figure, they are symbols of strength and growth. Entire figures are sticks - with fabric wrapped and knotted, holding them together. It is my praise song to nature. I add other materials as found, as needed. I appreciate the rich meaning in fragments of broken mirror, smooth rock, a zipper or pieces of rusted metal.

My intention with this work is to communicate and inspire. Using materials as metaphor; I share my celebration of the beauty of nature, faith in possibility and the sacred quality of daily life...

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