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The WARM Mentor Program

Loretta Bebeau, Forest Fire

The WARM Mentor Program is a supportive resource that pairs emerging and professional women artists for two years. Each Protégée directs the process of selecting her mentor, identifying her goals and tracking her progress. Mentors share wisdom and skills while providing supportive critique.

The WARM Mentor Program was founded to ensure that women are full participants in the development of the visual arts and culture in their communities and society. This program responds to unique challenges women artists face, such as balancing professional life with family and community responsibilities; redressing women artists' historic under-representation in the public eye by promoting strong female artist role models; supporting diversity in artistic expressions by women; and establishing financially viable careers.

The Mentor Program is designed for the serious artist who is in the early stage of her career. Each participant pairs with a professional woman artist or mentor for a two-year term beginning in January, 2009. Mentors serve as role models for their Protégée, sharing their wisdom and professional skills and providing supportive critique. Since the program was founded in 1982, it has served more than 380 women artists. Many have gone on to make significant contributions to the arts.

Image:Loretta Bebeau, Mentor, "Forest Fire"

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