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WARM is an all volunteer organization supported by the talents, energies and financial contributions of its members and friends. Please consider renewing your membership at the next highest level, pledging monthly support or an giving annually at the end of each year.Your gifts and contributions are tax deductible (WARM is a 501c3 organization) and welcome at any time and in any amount. Click here for our PDF printable Membership/Contribute form.

Commitment has it own rewards

Eleanor Hand, Wet Dandilion

What are you good at?
What do you enjoy doing?
What would you like to learn more about?

WARM remains a vital organization through the combined efforts of all of its members. Many hands lighten the load for all of us, and there are always more tasks that need doing than there are people to do them. We need your help!
Below are descriptions of some of our most vital needs. Some are brief commitments (a single article for the newsletter, for example), some are longer investments that serve WARM’s organization throughout the year (chairing a committee). If you are volunteering for your membership, please consider giving your time where it is most needed. To volunteer please contact Nicola Dixon at president@thewarm.org .

In-kind contributions through volunteer hours show granting organizations that members value their organization by giving their time and talents. Volunteering gives you opportunities both to contribute meaningfully to WARM and to gain valuable experience in areas that interest you.
Thank you for all the ways you support WARM.

1. Board Members
2. WARM Coffees
3. Newsletter Contributors
4. Artreach (Outreach) Committee Coordinator
5. Artreach Committee Representatives
6. Exhibition Committee Members- Filled!
7. Volunteer/Nominating Committee Coordinator

Board Members

Board Members Needed: WARM members are needed who are willing to serve 1-2 years on the Board of Directors of the organization. Board members help determine the goals and priorities for WARM during their tenure. They attend monthly meetings of two hours each and contribute their skills, time, and financial support to enable the organization to meet those goals. Last December's successful auction/fundraiser, "Seeds," was planned and executed by the WARM Board of Directors with the help of many additional member volunteers. Several current Board members have served for more than two years and given many hours to enable WARM to continue to serve its member and they will be rotating off the Board as of June 1, 2006. For more information and to receive an application to serve on the WARM Board of Directors, please contact the current President, Nicola Dixon, by sending an email to: president@thewarm.org .

WARM Coffees Coordinator

Selects a local exhibition or art opening venue for WARM member monthly social/networking events. Coordinates with venue to schedule time and date of WARM event. Notifies membership of date, time and place of WARM coffee by sending announcement to semimonthly membership listserv (news@thewarm.org ). Serves as the contact resource (by phone or e-mail).
Skills needed: Enjoy socializing with others; ability to organize around time and schedule commitments; interest in discovering and sharing the local arts scene.
Please let Kit Eastman (secretary@thewarm.org ) know if you would like to take this on.
Time commitment: approximately 1-2 hours/month

Newsletter Contributors

WARM Re:Views is an online newsletter published quarterly. Several members can volunteer for this in different capacities. People are needed to write articles and reviews (content is directed by the newsletter editor, Allison Hawley), to help edit written submissions, and to research and describe calendar events that will occur during the publication period.
Skills needed: Writing or editing abilities, computer literacy, ability to meet deadlines.
Time commitment will vary according to task: Volunteer for one time (e.g., write one review), or on a regular basis (editing, research).
Contact Allison Hawley at newsletter@thewarm.org to contribute to the newsletter.

Artreach (Outreach) Committee Coordinator

Create a 1/2 hour slide presentation to introduce WARM to local and outstate college, university, community college and high school art programs, and women-focused organizations and businesses. Create a presentation schedule in concert with Artreach Representatives (see below), hand off materials to Reps and collect from same after presentation. Contact Nicola Dixon at president@thewarm.org .
Skills needed: PR or marketing skills and interests, organizing ability, supervisory skills.
Time commitment: Approximately 6 hours initially, then 1+ hours/month.

Gloria Cooper, Abstract Feild of DreamsArtreach Committee Representatives (5-10 people needed)

Contact local and outstate college, university, community college, and high school art programs, and women-focused organizations and businesses to arrange for 1/2 hour slide talk about WARM. Make WARM organizational information (membership, mentor program, newsletter, website address) available to group. Coordinate schedule with Artreach Coordinator (see above). Make presentation and answer questions.
Skills needed: Enjoy talking about art and enthusiasm for WARM. Interested in learning and conveying information to others about the organization. Enthusiasm and PR or communications abilities. Contact Nicola Dixon at president@thewarm.org .
Time commitment: Contacting and scheduling, approximately 1 hour; Preparation, approximately 1 hour; Presentation, approximately 1 hour (depending on location).

Exhibition Committee Members(5-6 people needed)

Assist Exhibitions Coordinator (Alice Giannobile,exhibitions@thewarm.org ) in all aspects of planning and mounting member exhibitions. WARM Works Events are juried one-person exhibits at local alternative venues. Committee members jury submitted work and assist exhibitors in planning, mounting and publicizing their exhibitions. Exhibition committee members plan, coordinate, publicize, install and otherwise support the work of mounting the biannual all-member exhibition.
Skills needed: Some experience with mounting individual exhibitions and/or sales. Desire to mentor inexperienced members who will show at alternative venues. Organizational and time management abilities.
Time commitment: Variable. Committee meets once per month for 2 hours. Individual committee members should expect an additional commitment of approximately 6 hours (total) when mentoring and from 4-8 hours when installing the biannual exhibit.

Volunteer/Nominating Committee Coordinator

Serves as the contact person between WARM Board and membership when volunteers are needed to support specific programs or activities. Recruits members to serve on the WARM Board. Maintains contact with the listerv manager to track and contact members who are volunteering for all or part of their membership. Contacts and schedules necessary volunteers.
Skills needed: Organizational abilities, time management, positive expectations, patience and firmness. Contact Nicola Dixon at president@thewarm.org .
Time commitment: Approximately 2 hours/month.

Image: Eleanor Hand, "Spring Dandelion"
2nd Image: Gloria Cooper, "Abstract Feild Of Dreams"

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