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Getting on the Registry

Recently, WARM added an online registry to its web site. We will link from our website to members websites.

Those who are technically-experienced have two options:

1. If you have a website, please e-mail your name, a three-sentence description of your work, ONE 83x86 pixel image of your work and your website address (URL) to .

2. If you are registered on mnartists.org, please e-mail your name, a three-sentence description of your work and your address at mnartists.org to . (Search for your name, then copy and paste the mess in the address bar of your browser into your e-mail message.)

For those who arent as technically-experienced, here is some help:

Youll want to try option 2, with some added instructions:

Youll need:

1. a computer with a connection to the Internet
2. a browser, like Internet Explorer or AOL*
3. an e-mail address
4. JPEG versions of photos/slides of your art

1. in your browser, surf to: http://www.mnartists.org/
2. click on the word JOIN (toward the top of the screen)
3. read whats there and click on "click to start"
4. read the Terms of Use and click on "I agree"
5. Account type is "Artist." Complete other information and click on "Continue"
6. Now youve created your "User ID" and can do several things. You can:

  • Add biographical information
  • Add a portrait
  • Add work samples

Whatever you do will be reflected on your mnartists.org "home page" and you can return and edit it later. When you add new work, your work will be featured on the mnartists.org home page until someone else adds new work.

What if this still makes absolutely no sense to me?

We understand that this is technical stuff and difficult for some folks. Well be working, over the coming months to give everyone an opportunity to get on the Registry. Were considering tutorials or services. If you have ideas or questions, send them to or call the WARM office at 651-292-1188.

Can I see an example?

WARM Member Patt Dalbey has an mnartists.org page at http://www.mnartists.org/artistHome.do?rid=20456

What if I dont have access to a computer with an Internet connection?

Try calling the public library. Most libraries have computers you can use. If you use a public computer, youll need to bring sa mples of your work on a disk, so ask what kind of disk you can bring to use with the librarys machines. If the computer has Internet access, it will have a browser.

What if I dont have an e-mail address?

You can get a free e-mail account several places, including http://mail.yahoo.com/

How do I get JPEG versions of my art?

First, get slides or pictures of your work. Once you have those, you need either a friend with the right kind of scanner or some money. With money, you can take the slides/photos to ProColor and ask them to make digital files of them. Those files will be in JPEG format. Another option is to take your photos to Kinkos and scan them there. (Kinkos staff is there to help.)

Once you get JPEG files, youll want to adjust them so they will work well on the web. Using software like Photoshop (call that friend again, or visit Kinkos), size the file at 72 dots per inch and then adjust the dimensions of it so it displays nicely on the screen (about 3 x 5 inches, for instance). If your photo displays larger, it will be a larger file. Youre limited to 25 MB at mnartists.org.

Remember, we want to help. Call or and well have a conversation about your needs.