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In May 2003, WARM began building an online registry to showcase the work of our members. If you're a member and wish to be included in the Registry, follow these instructions. (As more members are added, we'll provide an alphabetical index.)

Ruth Kolman Brophy
Ruth Brophy's work Mostly figurative, expressionist work; some favorite themes include the Ariadne myth, Mozart operas and the Miss America myth, realized as monotypes, collages and acrylic paintings. Learn more at www.veryfineart.com and www.winternet.com/~rubro
Patt Dalbey
Patt Dalbey's work is abstract, graphic, bold and colorful. She works with acrylic on canvas. She likes to take ordinary objects, shapes and symbols in life and then add deep, vibrant and bold colors. Dalbey is included in the Minnesota Artists Online directory.
Barbara Harman
Barbara Harman's work From her Minneapolis Paperworks studio, Barbara Harman produces prints, paintings and artist books. Harman's lively art workshops in artist books and monotype are offered to calligraphy, book arts and artists groups in the United States and Canada. Harman's instruction books have an international following.
Jane Kathryn Kolles  
Jane Kathryn Kolles' work Jane Kathryn Kolles is presently exploring watercolor painting, drawing, mandalas and collage (and the connection between art and healing) as part of her MA program at St. Mary's. Her artistic expression is always in
transformation. Visit Kolles's website at http://www.rightbrainjane.com/
Nora Lee McGillivray
McGillivray's work Nora Lee McGillivray is a book artist and printmaker. Ladder and Universe, both rich in idea and image, are continuing sources of delight and contemplation. McGillivray is included in the Minnesota Artists Online directory.
Mary Stasek Johnson
Stasek Johnson's work Mary Stasek Johnson is an object artist. Ritual Objects and Cultural Archetypes inform her work. Warrior tradition and gear are prominent in her metaphorical vernacular. She is included in the Minnesota Artists Online directory.
Melissa Metzler
Melissa Metzler's work Melissa Metzler works primarily with watercolor to create abstract, organic forms. She is currently exploring these forms as a metaphor for the patterns that repeat within relationships. Metzler is included in the Minnesota Artists Online directory.
Nan Nelson
Nan Nelson's work Nan Nelson works with graphite to create realistic portraits and drawings. She is available for commission- examples are available on her web site: www.NanDraws.com
Polly Norman
Abstract photograph/grams taken through architectural glass blocks. Explosive, kinetic, abstract oil paintings on canvas. Both inspired by her experience as a dance photographer and archetypal/primitive symbols from the unconscious. Visit Norman's site at www.pollynormanart.com
Andrea Rugg
Andrea Rugg's work Andrea Rugg is a photographer in Minneapolis specializing in architecture, landscape, garden and people. Please contact Rugg at to receive more information or visit her Minnesota Artists Online page.
Clara Saprasa
Clara Saprasa's work Clara Saprasa uses the female body as a vehicle to unite the natural, material world with the magical, mystical world of which we can only catch glimpses. The body, after all, is only a temporary house for the soul. Her real fascination is with the soul within the body - the internal spirit. Saprasa is included in the Minnesota Artists Online Directory.
Karen Searle  
Karen Searle's work Karen Searle is a fiber artist whose work explores the female form. Searle is included in the Minnesota Artists Online Directory.
Carol Strand-Siebers
Carol Strand-Siebers' work Carol Strand-Siebers calls herself a mixed media artist so that she can indulge all her talents, (embroidery, fabric dyeing and painting, photography, beadwork and polymer clay) sometimes all in the same project. She is currently creating art dolls using a variety of techniques and materials. www.sassyartgoddess.com
Karen Wilcox
Karen Wilcox's work Telling of life experiences, imagined lives, and ancient memory, Wilcox's mythological creatures become manifest in oil media painting and cast bronze sculpture. Her work has shown in solo and group exhibits in the Midwestern United States and in New York. www.karenwilcox-studio.com
Kate Wolfe-Jenson
Wolfe-Jenson's work Kate Wolfe-Jenson combines brightly-colored, abstract acrylic paintings on paper with images captured through video and still photography or created through electronic illustration. Original poetry and her reading of it often add another layer. Her paintings, videos, and performances speak of wholeness within brokenness, an exploration informed by twenty years of living within the gift and mystery of chronic illness. www.wolfe-jenson.com