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All members:

* Support WARM's mission and purpose to nurture women's voices, visions and values in the community by empowering women in the visual arts and promoting their work.

* Provide annual minimum financial support of $50.  If unable to pay, WARM will accept seven hours volunteer service in lieu of money.  Please call 651-292-1188 for more information.

* Receive WARM-ups bimonthly calendar.

* Invited to attend WARM sponsored events and activities.

* Eligible to be elected to the WARM board of directors.

* Participate in dialog about fulfilling WARM's mission and purpose at the annual membership meeting and other WARM sponsored meetings and events.

Artist members:

The purpose of WARM's artist membership program is to be a catalyst for women artists to form a web of support to assist each other in reaching their goals. 

Artist membership benefits: 

* Opportunity to promote exhibits, workshops, meetings and other creative endeavors through WARM-ups bimonthly newsletter.

* Annual membership directory