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WARM seeks through the arts to make women's voices and visions significant influences in our community and society. We provide audiences and communities with opportunities to experience and value women's contributions to the visual arts through exhibitions and education. WARM encourages women artists to form a web of support to provide opportunities in exhibition, networking, mentoring and education to assist each other in achieving their personal and professional goals. WARM is a resource for women artists nationally and internationally to realize their potential through organizing.

WARM Committees

Mentor Program Committee - , Chair is liaison between coordinator, board and participants. She also ensures that funds are spent as Funder intended. Members assist coordinator in promoting program,planning activities, and the final exhibition

Membership Committee - , chair
Keep membership records, acknowledge members, send renewal notices, solicit new members, plan member events, oversee production of directory

Communications Committee- and Karen Gustufson, chair
Oversees production and distribution of newsletter and develops and maintains website

Exhibitions Committee- , chair
Oversees production of annual members’ or juried exhibition and any other exhibits

Special Projects Committee- , chair
Oversees production of special projects approved by the board

Strategic Planning Committee- and Ellen Schillace, Chair
Formed in August 2002 to follow up on the recommendations in the 2002 Organizational Needs Assessment and to determine the strategic direction of WARM.

Outreach Committee- Open, chair
Spreads the word about WARM to the community, including young women, women in underserved communities, and those in greater Minnesota

Volunteer Committee - , chair
Recruits members for board and officer positions, Connects volunteers to appropriate positions

Finance Committee - , chairs
Develops strategies for meeting financial goals

If you are interested in helping out with any of the committees, please send e-mail or leave a message email or call 651-292-1188-- you will be most welcome.

WARM Board of Directors

Open Outreach Chair
Jackie Nolan Treasurer
Janna Dethmers Secretary
Open Membership Chair
Open Nominating/Volunteer Chair
Sue Halverson Member at large
Beth Niestat
Ellen Schillace
Nicola Dixon Marketing/PR Chair
Hend Al-Mansour
Karen Gustafson Communications Chair
Karen Searle Mentor Program Chair
Alice Giannoble
Barbara Harman